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The benefits of turmeric are infinitely innumerable, and its treatment is included within herbal medicine to treat many health conditions

Benefits of turmeric

Turmeric has been used since ancient times to treat many problems like

Abdominal distension
Liver disorders
Menstrual disorders
Pain relief
Healing wounds

Here are the most important benefits of turmeric, which we will summarize to you as follows and according to studies

Strong anti-inflammatory and especially arthritis
It has been shown that the benefits of Turmeric contains a wide range of antioxidants, antiviral, microbial and fungal substances, as well as anti-cancer properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It is therefore recommended as a natural remedy for arthritis. In addition, it is a disinfectant and antimicrobial agent, useful in clearing wounds and burns and accelerating healing. It is a natural analgesic for pain. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties I have the following benefits

May help in the treatment of psoriasis and other inflammatory skin diseases
It is considered a natural remedy for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
Can help reduce the inflammation associated with asthma, when adding a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a cup of warm milk, drinking this mixture is an effective home remedy for asthma
Resistant to colds and flu As an antibacterial and viral substance, it makes it effective in coughing colds and flu
Helps stimulate the immune system in the body
Helps heal wounds, burns and reshape damaged skin, and can be used as an effective natural disinfectant
You can add a teaspoon of turmeric powder to a cup of warm milk and drink it before going to bed to prevent and prevent any infections

Turmeric fights cancer
Several recent studies have shown that turmeric contains kyorkiumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, which can stimulate cells to carry out the process that causes self-destruction of cancer cells. The research confirmed that a teaspoon of turmeric really helps in the prevention of many cancers and resistance to cancer tumors, and even the destruction of cancer cells because it contains strong antioxidants. It has been found to help prevent prostate cancer and stop growth. In resisting colon cancer, breast cancer and skin cancer it reduces the risk of childhood leukemia. It also has a role in enhancing the effects of some types of chemotherapy and reducing its side effects.

Turmeric is beneficial for liver health and promotes detoxification of the body
 The liver removes toxins from the blood through the production of enzymes and turmeric works to increase the production of these enzymes, which leads to the reduction of toxins in the body. It also proved to play a role in the fight against liver diseases and stimulate and improve circulation.

Helps to lose weight and burn fat
Many experiments have shown that the benefits of turmeric it helps in fat metabolism and helps in weight loss and abdominal slimming. Turmeric powder can be very useful in maintaining the ideal body weight. An element in turmeric helps to stimulate the gallbladder to increase the flow and secretion of the yellow juice in the body, which has the largest role in the digestion of fat and metabolism. This in turn improves digestion and reduces the symptoms of bloating and gas. Turmeric is also beneficial in treating most forms of intestinal infections including ulcerative colitis.

Helps fight Alzheimer's
Research has shown a significant role for turmeric in preventing or slowing the progression of Alzheimer's disease by removing the accumulation of deposits caused by the brain. Alzheimer's disease has long been associated with inflammation of the brain, and it is known that turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidant activity. Therefore, the regular daily intake of turmeric may be an effective way to prevent the appearance of Alzheimer's disease and improve memory.
Turmeric supports the health of the brain in general by helping to remove the accumulation of fatty substances in the brain and improve the oxygen flow mechanism.

Helps control diabetes
Several studies have shown that antioxidants in turmeric effectively help reduce insulin resistance and blood levels, which may play a role in preventing type 2 diabetes. It also has a role in improving control of glucose levels and increases the effect of drugs used in the treatment of diabetes. But it is worth noting that its adverse effect may be dangerous for diabetic patients when combined with taking strong diabetes drugs, which may lead to low blood sugar. Therefore it is best to consult a specialist before taking turmeric capsules.

 Turmeric reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood
Research has shown that just using turmeric as a food seasoning can reduce cholesterol levels in the blood. It is known that high cholesterol can lead to other serious health problems. The proper cholesterol level can be maintained to prevent many heart diseases and vascular diseases.
Given the many benefits of turmeric health, we encourage you to add it to your diet, it is one of the best things you can do to improve your quality of life. You can add turmeric in the form of curry powder to many dishes such as eggs, juices, warm milk or may be used to give the color and color, for example, when adding rice. Turmeric can also be taken as pills that can be purchased from pharmacies.

Benefits of turmeric for face, beauty and skin
Curcumin has properties that help promote skin health and beauty, strengthen hair and treat its problems. Perhaps the most powerful results appeared on the subject of acne treatment and effects, and purify the skin and uniformity of color. Results of a 2009 study published in the journal Phytomedicine show that turmeric is struggling with signs of progression